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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take for plants to fully grow?

    Different plants have different life cycles. Most plants grow 3-9 months, chili peppers and some blooming plants up to 12-18 months. The life time of a plant also depends on the light available, your room temperature and the way you look after the plant. For example, if you cut off all leaves off an edible herb at once, the plant may die.

  • How much power do smart gardens require?

    We've designed our smart gardens as energy efficient as possible. The batteries for the Smart Flowerpot last for 8-12 months, and you're welcome to use rechargeable batteries. With the Smart Herb Garden, we've worked with the worlds leading LED technologists to invent a natural-looking light system that gives plants enough light to grow while only requiring 6 watts of energy. This keeps the electricity bill for running the Smart Herb Garden a whole year to around 4-5 dollars

  • Are Click & Grow plants organic?

    We're fans of pure food and non-GMO plants and haven't put anything in our products that is even remotely suspicious.

    There are no pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, plant hormones or any other suspicious substances in our products. And there's no need for them - a well watered and fed plant with perfect growing conditions can defend itself without any outside help. All we have added is some minerals to feed the plant. Although the mineral salts we use are chemically the same as in all organic fertilizers, in most countries it cannot be certified as "organic".

  • How often do you need to fill the water reservoir?

    You'd need to fill the water tank once every 3-6 weeks, and an indicator on the front panel will remind you of that.

  • What plants are available with Click & Grow smart gardens?

    Our smart gardens currently grow the following herbs: mini tomato, chili pepper, basil, thyme, garden sage, lemon balm, sugar leaf.

    You can also grow the following decorative plants: busy lizzy, china pink, cockscomb, lamb’s ear, painted nettle.

    Our gardening team is constantly working to provide new and interesting plant refills.

  • Can I use my own seeds?

    YOur gardening team is constantly working to provide new and interesting plant refills. Also, we're looking into selling Pro refills, available for the Smart Herb Garden, for users who want to sow their own seeds.

  • Why do I need to activate my product?

    Although we've made growing plants as simple as possible, there are still things to keep in mind that ensure your smart garden grows healthy beautiful plants. Activating your product records the time your plant started to grow and your smart garden batch number, this way we can give you the best possible support if needed. It also connects you to the community of Click & Grow indoor growers around the world.

  • How does Click & Grow work exactly?

    The backbone of our smart gardens is the nano technological growth medium, or smart soil. It contains pockets for oxygen even when it's wet and supplies plants with an optimal amount of nutrients.

    Some of our products contain sensors and special software that optimize releasing water and nutrients. We've also invented a grow light that helps plants germinate and grow faster at early stages.