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While our technology optimizes availability of water and nutrients, plants still need sufficient light. 

What’s interesting is that people understand the necessity of light differently. How could we know whether our plant has light enough for sprouting and growing? 

Here are some pictures of our customers’ plants and you can clearly see that the plants bend towards the light, desperately searching for it, stretching and suffering from the light stress: 

If your plant behaves like that, you should promptly provide it with an additional source of light. 

In order to learn how much light your plant receives, you may use the LUX meter app with your smartphone. Although the range of similar apps is quite large, we are using the following apps for measuring light conditions in our office:

The majority of Click & Grow plants require a minimum of 1800 LUX light for at least 6 hours a day. Pay attention that this is the absolute minimum to ensure the growth of your plant. A 5000 - 8000 LUX range would be much better.

Of course, such light intensity is not possible everywhere, and that is why it is necessary to add additional light sources. The easiest way is to use a grow light. Alternatively, you can use a conventional desk lamp with an energy-saving bulb. The best energy-saving bulbs are the ones with color temperature of light more than 5000 K (Cool White), although saving bulbs with lower color temperature (Warm White) of light are also helpful. 

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