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Our smart gardens make it easy for anyone to grow herbs and flowers at home.

Inspired by NASA, we've created a solution that gives plant roots an optimal amount of water, oxygen and nutrients at all times.

It's a bit like giving plants a personal trainer, a chef, Harvard schooling, loving parents and a dog.

Flowers and herbs will love growing up in our smart garden!

The backbone of our smart gardens is the nano technological growth medium, or smart soil. It contains pockets for oxygen even when it's wet and supplies plants with an optimal amount of nutrients.

Some of our products contain sensors and special software that optimize releasing water and nutrients. We've also invented a grow light that helps plants germinate and grow faster at early stages.

Simple, care-free way to grow plants indoors

All this technology helps to make sure everyone can easily grow flowers and herbs indoors. All you need to do is add water when an indicator reminds you to, keep the smart garden connected to a power source - and enjoy having live plants around!

  • Water
  • Power
  • Enjoy

Our Smart Herb Garden consist of two parts,
just like a printer and its toner cartridges

The Smart Herb Garden

The Smart Herb Garden lets you grow three plants at a time. It comes with a water reservoir and contains all the technology to help plants grow. You can use it to grow plant after plant after plant.

Replaceable plant refills

There are more than a dozen different plant refills available for our smart gardens. From blooming flowers to kitchen herbs like basil or chili pepper, it's easy to find something you like.

You can replace plant refills when you'd like some change or when your last plant has reached the end of its natural life cycle.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take for plants to fully grow?

    Different plants have different life cycles. Most plants grow 3-9 months, chili peppers and some blooming plants up to 12-18 months. The life time of a plant also depends on the light available, your room temperature and the way you look after the plant. For example, if you cut off all leaves off an edible herb at once, the plant may die.

  • How much power do smart gardens require?

    We've designed the Smart Flowerpot as energy efficient as possible, its batteries last for 8-12 months. You're welcome to use rechargeable batteries in the Smart Flowerpot.

  • Are Click & Grow plants organic?

    We're fans of pure food and non-GMO plants and haven't put anything in our products that is even remotely suspicious.

    There are no pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, plant hormones or any other suspicious substances in our products. And there's no need for them - a well watered and fed plant with perfect growing conditions can defend itself without any outside help. What we have added are some minerals to feed the plant. Although the mineral salts we use are chemically the same as in all organic fertilizers, in most countries it cannot be certified as "organic".

  • How often do you need to fill the water reservoir?

    You'd need to fill the water tank once every 3-6 weeks, and an indicator on the front panel will remind you of that.

  • Can I use my own seeds?

    Our gardening team is constantly working to provide new and interesting plant refills. Also, we're looking into selling Pro refills, available for the Smart Herb Garden, for users who want to sow their own seeds.

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